The ABC system

Swim ABC; using this European teaching method attracts people all over Prince Edward Island. It consists of 3 certificates; A, B and C. It engages young people in a fun way. Certificates A and B are valuable, however, those who obtain certificate C show that they are a true friend of the water, capable of saving him/herself in modern pools and with activities in and around Island waters.

More details about the ABC system.

The 1st series

In the beginning of the ABC system I make sure to let the child feel free in the water. This time is crucial, as it is the most important phase of learning how to swim. They learn how to float on their chest and back, jump into the water (and get out), how to turn in the water, and also how to look and search under water. This way, it helps the child get to know the water and feel comfortable.

Lots of exercises are done as games or with a playful aspect to keep the child engaged. Though the child seems to be simply playing, they are taking away very important lessons and skills from the exercises. Once they feel free and comfortable in the water, traditional strokes are introduced.

Strokes and more skills

With the Swim ABC the students learn 4 strokes: the breast stroke, back stroke, front crawl and back crawl.

The last two are developing strokes, becoming more and more difficult with each certificate. In addition to the strokes I continue to pay attention to the exercises in the deep end (such as different techniques to go into the water), underwater swimming, climbing onto floating mats and diving to the bottom of the pool.

Swim Safety

The most important part of the Swim ABC program is being safe in the water. I pay attention to safety from the first swimming lesson to the last. Lots of exercises are based on water safety, including swimming with casual clothing, which is brought into the lessons on a regular basis.

For Who

The Swim ABC program is meant for all kids aged 4 and up, and for the adult who has never learned to swim.
STARTING SOON: I will start a parent and tot group Monday and Thursday  mornings at 9.30 a.m. (Age 1-4)

Rates and more info

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